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From practical to elegant, we have a wide variety of base profiles,
some build up flat crowns are located in this category.


Small moulding details used on top of a flat pieces of lumber to save
cost during production, with elegant appeal for even the fussiest clients.


Narrow wooden moulding used at the bottom of baseboard moulding
to hide gaps, it is secured to the base moulding not the floor.
The most commonly used detail is the quarter round.


Used in cornice construction below the corona or under deep projections, above the frieze, also used in cabinet and furniture making.
Most of these profiles have a radius, fillet, and cove; this seems to be the most common characteristics.


Under this category, you will find chamfers for the backs of crowns, hexagons,
octagons, decagons, lock miter joints, and shoulder miter joints.


An exterior moulding of window and doorframe that abuts to the exterior facing material of that structure, it hides gaps left from windows and door installation, like a casing on an interior room.


All back bands for casing, wainscot caps, wall or partition caps, and drip caps are located in this category.


Moulding mainly utilized on the interior of a house or building, installed around doors and or windows giving it an architecturally framed look while hiding gaps between wall and opening, all symmetrical casing will be located in the Chair rail group.


Decorative chair rail moulding is generally applied about thirty two inches above the floor and running parallel to the base moulding, it can used as a divider between different wall coverings, such as wallpaper and paint or wainscot.


In this category, you will find decorative moulding’s including outside,inside corners and radius corners for base details.


A horizontal moulding, usually very eye-catching and appealing that goes on top of a building or piece of furniture.


Also known as, a cavetto, which is the opposite of ovolo, a concave wood moulding used to form a junction between two surfaces such as wall, or ceiling. You will find plenty of different styles of cove moulding ranging from small inside corners to very large cove / crown moulding’s.


This summarizes a large number of moulding’s that are designed to elegantly flare out the transition between walls and ceilings, crowns are also used on cabinets, pilasters, and cornice areas. Consider a built up or stacked crown with use of other moulding profiles to make the one of a kind stylish look.


These profiles are all about cabinet door and face frame construction


Decorative-moulding profiles that run from the vertical spindles on moulding equipment, which allow adjustable widths for desired sizes.


In this section, you will find all the popular sizes of full round moulding.


You will find interior, exterior, institutional, and many have plows for balusters.


Finish boards at the sides of a doorway or window, which cover the rough opening, including interior, exterior, T-jambs, jamb extensions, jambs for weather-strip, and split jambs .


A slender vertical dividing bar between the lights of windows, screens, and doors, when used in dividing adjacent window units, its primary purpose is to provide good structural support to an arch, horizontal beam, or lintel above the window opening.


A Horizontal moulding profile protecting edge, as the part of the tread of a staircase that extends beyond the riser, also used in protecting countertop edges. We have bull nosing, and other decorative protective edge nosing available for a wide range of projects.


A type of moulding of which is in the form of the letter S. Ogee’s consist of two arcs that curve in opposite direction, so that the ends are tangential. In general, the convex section is located above and concave section is below.


Moulding profiles, mostly intricate in detail and design used in the manufacturing of a picture frames.


A plant on is a moulding arranged or “planted on” top of, or on the side of an existing piece of wood moulding or panel to add to the overall look of the completed moulding design.


Any moulding with a specific known radius will be located in this section, quarter rounds, single, and double eased edges, radius pieces.


Shiplap moulding’s are typically used for siding; they are defined by wooden pieces that overlap one another.


Horizontal wooden pieces at the bottom of a door or window, thresholds are openings to a building or window, many styles with many different designs.


There are many different styles of stops in the section, doorstops, glass stops, window stops, and T stops for jambs.


Wooden moulding that has a tongue and groove style joint for joining the two separate wood pieces together. SOFFITS, PANELING AND FLOORING ON THE MAIN TONGUE AND GROOVE PROFILES.


All miscellaneous moulding profiles that currently do not have a set category or do not have a set identity will be located here, a hodgepodge of unique profiles.